Monday, 6 August 2012


Webfire Review

"Webfire review"

Webfire was developed by Shawn Casey who has generated over 50 million dollars of sales from his sites and is winner of the Internet Marketer award 2011.  He is joined by Brian Koz who with his team of programmers develop software that brings in the traffic.  It is through their combined knowledge, expertise and experience that Webfire was developed. At a cost of over $100,000 and 10 months of development and programming time which is double the 5 months which was the budget!

The key focus of Webfire is to get as many visitors to your site as possible. Because the more visitors your sites get the more chance a visitor will but something from the site or click on any monetized links.  The unfortunate fact of life with internet marketing is if you have no traffic you get no sales.

Webfire is about getting free traffic to your sites at no cost, this is the traffic all site owners wish for and is the most profitable traffic.  

The Macroleads Fire tool does a great in automatically generating keywords for your sites.  It then finds the top 10 ranked sites for each of those keywords in Google, Yahoo and Bing.

In the Omnileads tool you input your keyword it then searches and finds all the relevant forums or blogs on which you can then post a comment.  By posting comments on the blogs or forums will quickly drive free traffic to your sites.

Using Webfire can enable you to get your link, name, post or product on for example 140 pages with the search term weight loss that gets searched over 135 million times each month.Don't forget this is only one of the twenty two tools you get with Webfire........ it's impressive to say the least.

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